About Lilly - AKC Yellow Labrador Retriever

Lilly, is an AKC Yellow Labrador, she is the mother to Denali


She is a very lovable Labrador always wanting to please you. She will follow me around the house going from room to room. She enjoys getting the newspaper, mail and even takes out the trash. You can point to an object or person and she will bring you the item you pointed to. She is a great field dog, always retrieving and never stops getting her ball. She is highly intelligent and very obedient, loves children and other dogs. She is a very lovable Labrador and a great mommy to all her puppies!


Lilly and Harley's puppies are ivory to yellow with black pigmentation. Lilly's puppies are highly intelligent and have been placed all over the United States of America. Several puppies have been proven as companion service pets.

Lilly's AKC Pedigree
5 Generation Pedigree
4th & 5th Generation Champion Lines
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Lilly's Pedigree
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