RETIRED "Harley Davidsons Golden Canyon" Yellow Labrador Stud Scidera#: C0811797

Mellow Yellow! A Gentle Giant some may say when we tell them he weighs 100 lbs.. But as you can see, he is loyal and gentle. All of our Labs are raised with children of all ages. Harley comes from 3rd and 4th generation of Champion lines. He displays features of both the Classic English head and width confirmation as well as the American Field Labrador in size.


Harley is Mercedes, Porsche and Denali's dad. 


Picture to the right taken Jan 2017! 


Beautiful dog, everywhere he goes he gets a lot of compliments for looks and temperment! 

Birth Date Jan 3rd 2007

AKC# SR39399703

5 Generation Pedigree
3rd, 4th & 5th Generation Champion Lines
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